What’s the Best Concrete Driveway Sealer

Driveway sealing is the only effective way to preserve the utility and appearance of your most heavily used concrete surface. In just a short time, Deco Products’ line of innovative clearcoat and decorative concrete sealers provide your customers with greater performance and long-term durability, all while highlighting vibrant colors and designs for greater curb appeal. As we’ll explain, achieving the exact benefits you’re looking for requires selecting the right concrete-sealing product from an industry-leading manufacturer.


Why Use a Sealer on Your Driveway?

You can preserve the longevity of driveways, concrete edging, pavers, and other concrete surfaces for years by sealing concrete. Penetrating Driveway sealers can also provide a “glossy” or wet look while enhancing decorative concrete colors and designs without the risk of peeling.


A driveway sealer also creates a UV-resistant, protective seal that stands up to wear from hot tires, moisture, and chemicals – even deep inside the texture of decorative or exposed aggregate concrete. Advanced concrete sealers also reduce mildew growth, as is common with pool decks, boat docks, or tile roofs. For any use, getting the most out of your concrete coating project requires selecting the right product first.


Types of Concrete Driveway Sealers

Deco Products formulates only non hazardous materials using the latest technology in top quality raw materials. Our exclusive lines of sealers have been meticulously tested to ensure the best results for our customers.  


Clear sealers 

Clear sealers effectively protect the integrity,  the appearance and color of concrete surfaces while creating a long-lasting waterproof seal. Deco Products’ clear sealers will slow the degradation of concrete caused by weather,  salt, chemicals, and UV rays. Further, our Deco 20 Clear Sealer and Salt Shield 303 products prevent mold and mildew growth. This makes clear sealers perfect for concrete edging in landscaping and other areas with automatic sprinklers and larger-scale applications.

driveway with deco products

Decorative Sealers

Our environmentally friendly   decorative sealers provide the same great benefits as our clear sealers, while enhancing the natural colors of the project.  Because they’re easy to apply, decorative sealers increase turnaround for even the busiest concrete businesses, enhancing profits and customer satisfaction. We offer effective concrete  solutions for all sorts of applications and surfaces. 

  • ColorCast – Our ColorCast formula uses aircraft-grade pigments and the finest particulates, ensuring maximum absorption far below the concrete’s surface. Cement driveway-sealer or other concrete-coating projects become true works of art, ensuring a bold expression of the natural or added colors. Even with ecologically friendly products, ColorCast does not need to be stripped and reapplied like traditional products, ensuring a vibrant and enhanced curb appeal for years to come.


  • SilaCast BES – Made to penetrate deep into porous materials, such as exposed aggregate concrete, SilaCast BES penetrates deeper than acrylic sealers, providing long years of concrete enhancement that doesn’t require periodic stripping and reapplication. 
  • TravaCast TravaCast creates an unsurpassed level of enhancement and adhesion for maximum durability and stain resistance on dense surfaces such as Travertine and other similar materials.  . The formula also includes advanced self-levelers that provide an exceptionally smooth and even coating. Slip resistant additives should be used in conjunction with this product for safety purposes.
  • Bio Blacktop – Made from non-toxic materials, Bio Blacktop, is the best alternative to asphalt-based materials for conditioning and sealing dried, faded black tops. Bio Blacktop can be easily cleaned with soap and water.


Depending on the application, the best concrete sealers must take into account safety, appearance, and performance. These are the three most important factors that matter most when selecting from Deco Products’ line of advanced, no-fuss concrete sealers.


Choose Deco Products for the Best Concrete Driveway Sealer and Expert Sealing Services

Since 1991, Deco Products has been filling the niche for environmentally friendly concrete sealers for driveway and other cement applications. We’ve become an industry leader for concrete sealing  companies, professional applicators, and vendors from coast to coast. If you have any questions or would like help selecting the best concrete sealer for your customers’ needs, contact us – and inform us of your driveway sealing, concrete edging, and other cement coating needs.