ColorCast: Transform Your Surfaces with Vibrant Colors

Deco Products offers multiple pigments to enhance old worn out pavers.

There are plenty of reasons to choose Deco Products Decorative sealers over other coatings on the market. And ColorCast is another one!!

Pigments are color particles used in paints, they can be divided into two classes: organic (carbon containing) and inorganic (oxides).

Benefits of Re-Coloring Roof Tiles and Pavers

  • Brings homes back to life
  • Gives a renewed look
  • Curb appeal
  • Saves customer money
  • Do not need to install a new roof to have home be visually appealing
  • Paver driveway that is functioning properly will not need to be reinstalled to make visually appealing

We use aircraft grade quality pigments with finer particles to integrate into our sealers and your substrate for longer lasting results.

*Deco Products recommends working with one of our professionally trained sales representatives/technicians for best practices of incorporating pigments into our sealers.