DECO Tac: Sealant Primer for Concrete


Deco Tac is a waterborne Primer/Adhesive designed to promote extra bonding of Deco Foundation Guard to substrates when you are unable to strip or remove the previous coatings from the concrete.

Apply Deco Tac with a roller or brush to the substrate to enhance adhesion of Deco Foundation Guard. Deco Tac will appear milky white at time of application and will turn transparent when ready to apply Deco Foundation Guard. Consult our applicators guide for additional installation instructions.


• Quick drying  Water-based
 Suitable for exterior and interior applications  Low odor
 Adhesion to steel  Non-Toxic – Non-Caustic – Non-Flammable
 Adhesion to concrete  Aggressive tack
 Adhesion to wood  Roller or brush application
 Adhesion to other membranes  Low VOCs

This product is intended for approved applicators