Clear Coating for Concrete & Clear

Concrete Sealer Products

Deco Products offers several solutions for those seeking a clear concrete sealer

There are plenty of reasons to choose Deco Products clear concrete sealer over other coatings on the market. Our products are safe for the environment and safe for both the contractor and homeowner. Deco clear sealers are a good solution for interior damp basements. It can help reduce the musty odors associated with damp basements. Deco Products also work well on above-grade cementitious surfaces. Our products are great for basement walls, sidewalks, patios, driveways, and more!

Concrete Coatings that are easy to apply and safe for the environment

Deco concrete clear sealers are easily applied with a handheld pump or air sprayer. Only one coat is required! Homeowners can have peace of mind knowing our products are environmentally friendly. Our concrete sealers are non-hazardous and safe for humans and animals. Because our products are water-based, they present no harm like ulterior products such as tar and solvent-based concrete sealers. In addition, tar sealers serve as a food source for mold. By using Deco Products you can reduce harmful mildew and mold growth in concrete.

Deco Products is a proven winner in the concrete industry

With over 20 years on the market, Deco’s clear concrete sealers are the only time-tested products you can count on! Through these years, Deco 20 and Deco 30 have found their way to some very interesting applications. From the simple concrete birdbath to the Polar Bear exhibit in the Ohio State Zoo – Deco Products is the brand name to trust.

  • Deco 20 Clear Sealer for concrete – use on any cementitious substrate to create moisture barrier; Use on concrete driveways, sidewalks, and walkways.
  • Deco 30 Brick Sealer – protect brick and stucco from harsh weathering; Use on patios, fireplaces, brick walls, and more.
  • Mold Preventative – new construction interior mold preventative; ideal for interior basement walls.