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Deco products manufactures all of their products out of Denver, CO but has suppliers and warehouses set up throughout the country and in Puerto Rico. To find the nearest place to purchase please call our home office at Toll Free 1-800-500-DECO (3326) or contact us today.

Decorative Concrete Coating & Decorative Concrete Sealer Products

Specialty Decorative Concrete Sealers

Looking to enhance the beauty of your tile roof and concrete pavers or reduce the moldy mildew growth on your pool deck or driveway? Our line of decorative sealers is sure to please!

Deco Decorative Sealer Before

Tile Roof
Before Clean

Deco Decorative Sealer After

Tile Roof After Clean
& Sealed with Deco 20 Clear

Products You Trust

With Deco Products’ line of decorative sealers, we have you covered from start to finish. Remove the old acrylic sealer with our tough Deco super stripper STRIPACAST. After that, choose if you want a “wet” look or one of our completely transparent sealers to protect and enhance your concrete surface.

Products & Decorative Concrete Sealers

Deco Products, Inc has an extensive range of industry-leading sealants that outlast the alternatives. Our waterproof and decorative concrete sealers are specially designed for a variety of purposes and can be applied quickly and easily, for a profitable application every time. Explore our line of specialty concrete sealers made to boost curb appeal and provide the most attractive, functional, and long-lasting concrete solutions in the industry.

The Best Enhancing Decorative Sealer for Concrete Pavers, Roof Tiles, and Stone: SilaCast BES

For an enhanced look on porous concrete surfaces, SilaCast BES penetrates deep into the substrate, enhancing the natural color of the substrate from deep below. Unlike topical acrylic sealers, which only reflect sunlight, SilaCast BES won’t peel, providing many years of resilient concrete enhancement. SilaCast BES was designed to last without hazardous chemicals and does not require frequent stripping and reapplication like the alternatives.


The Best Clear Sealer for Concrete Pavers, Roof Tiles, & Patios: Deco 20 Clear

Deco 20 Clear is perfect for high-water areas, to fully seal concrete and most effectively prevent mildew growth and other forms of water damage. It greatly reduces the time needed between pressure washes, and ensuring cleanings of your concrete roof, patio, sidewalk, or swimming pool deck goes a long way. Deco 20 Clear is 100% transparent and can be applied easily with a garden sprayer, pneumatic canister, or spot sprayer.


The Best Decorative Sealer for Travertine, Spanish Tile, & Natural Stone: TravaCast

For more non-porous decorative concrete materials like Travertine, Spanish Tile, or Natural Stones, TravaCast provides maximum adhesion and UV protection. The non-toxic, single-component acrylic sealant is also incredibly durable and resistant to water blushing and stains while creating a beautiful shine to outlast most other industrial coatings. It also dries quickly and contains self-levelers in the formula to help you ensure an even coating every time.


The Best Decorative Sealer for Piers, Bridges, and Marine Docks: Salt Shield 303

Salt Shield 303‘s clear, water-based silane and siloxane emulsion is the right choice to protect concrete surfaces from chlorides or deicing salts while preserving the original material’s slip and skid resistance. Penetrating deep into the concrete reduces freeze and thaw damage and dries without residue. In addition to driveways and sidewalks, Salt Shield 303 is perfect for parking structures, roadways, bridges, and marine docks – especially in cold climates.


The Best Decorative Sealer for Asphalt Driveways & Walkways: Bio Blacktop

As a non-toxic alternative to asphalt and tar-based sealers, Bio Blacktop Conditioner is a more environmentally friendly way of conditioning and sealing old, dried-out black tops. It provides long-term dependability on even heavy-use surfaces and dries fast to reduce scheduling delays. Bio Blacktop also resists chemicals, UV rays, and stains, and it’s easily cleaned with soap and water.


The Best Color Additive for Colored Concrete Pavers: ColorCast

Bring concrete pavers back to life with ColorCast, it dramatically boosts pigments of decorative concrete pavers. We use only aircraft-grade quality pigments with the finest particles to ensure maximum absorption. The result is a bold color that pops for maximum curb appeal and long-lasting visual enhancement. Because of its longevity, the homeowner will save money by not needing to have their worn out pavers replaced or frequently retreated.


The Best Concrete Stripper: Super StripaCast

If the concrete surface has been treated with an inferior sealant, StripaCast efficiently works to remove and strip old, worn-out concrete seals. Removing old sealants is always recommended before new applications to ensure the new sealer goes on as effectively as possible – rather than allowing old sealers to break down under the surface. To know whether old sealant was applied, soak the area with a hose, and see if the water beads.


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Deco Products’ waterproof and decorative concrete sealers are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. We also provide free training to our partners to help you save time and money while delivering superior results to your customers. To request a quote or for more information, contact Deco Products today or call us now