New Construction – All ICC Approved Products!

Decades ahead of the competition!

For over 25 years DECO PRODUCTS has been manufacturing environmentally friendly products for protecting and sealing concrete foundations and structures from the damaging effects of moisture intrusion.


We were “GREEN” before it was cool.

In 1991 DECO saw the need to develop a product that was safe for the applicator as well as the environment. This put us years ahead of our competition! With our chemists and engineers we developed our foundation waterproofing and dampproof materials specifically for this industry. All three of our products have been evaluated and approved by the International Code Council (ICC).

Asphalt based materials are a byproduct of the oil industry. There is no such thing as a water based asphalt! Asphalt is derived from oil not water and take several coats to install. Unlike DECO Products, Asphalt materials are required at a minimum of 60 mil wet to install and are degraded by UV light. Our Deco 20 Seal is only required to be installed at 30 mil (half the amount) and can be exposed to UV light making grade lines no longer. We are the only company to promote sealing 100% of the Foundation (below and ABOVE Grade).