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Foundation Coating & Waterproofing

Modern waterproofing techniques and formulas have become incredibly advanced, offering a wide range of products specially designed for numerous purposes and materials. While there used to be little more than crude and sometimes counterproductive forms of damp proofing techniques, fully waterproofing a foundation is now possible. Basic damp proofing techniques and materials have also become much more effective. The most advanced water- and damp proofing products on the market today are incredibly easy to apply, ecologically friendly, and more affordable than even just a few short years ago.

Deco Products, Inc.

Established in 1991, Deco Products, Inc. Has been the leader in the foundation waterproof/damp proofing industry. Our products are engineered specifically for the below-grade foundation waterproofing industry and have been independently tested and approved by the International Code Council (ICC). Because we are geared directly to this industry, our Chemical Engineers took great detail in each required ASTM when developing these products. Unlike Tar and Asphalt, a by-product of the oil industry, our products can be applied above grade and exposed to UV rays. This exposure eliminates grade line problems and gives you a true 100% foundation seal.

Products | Foundation Coatings & Waterproofing

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Deco products manufactures all of their products out of Denver, CO but has suppliers and warehouses set up throughout the USA and Puerto Rico. To find the nearest place to purchase please call our home office at Toll Free 1-800-500-DECO (3326)1-800-500-3326 or contact us today.

Benefits of Foundation Waterproofing Membranes

  • Meets/exceeds required ASTM’s


  • No jobsite contamination


  • ICC approved


  • No scheduling conflicts


  • Extended warranties available

  • Non hazardous


  • Independently verified


  • Excellent adhesion to concrete


  • Unaffected by Ultra Violet Rays


  • Seamless coating

Damp-proofing vs. Waterproofing Your Basement | Differences

When it comes to water penetration, the difference between damp proofing and waterproofing is huge.

  • Damp-proofing is designed to keep only light moisture away due to sprinklers, rain, snow melt, or other minor chances of moisture. Damp-proofing is typically used in areas with deep water tables and a light chance of water accumulation.


  • Waterproofing is used in areas with higher water tables and where the ground is susceptible to ponding water. Waterproofing materials should also be able to span common shrinkage cracks that appear on all concrete surfaces.  

Deco 20 Seal

Deco 20 Seal coating is a cutting-edge foundation coating built to withstand the toughest waterproofing needs of commercial and residential buildings. It works effectively on any form of parged masonry, poured concrete and ICF forms, and it can also be combined with Deco Primer to function on non-parged masonry walls. Deco 20 Seal also withstands hydrostatic pressure for high water table areas. Deco 20 Seal has been independently tested by SGS US Testing Co. and approved by the International Code Council (ICC) for below-grade foundation walls.


Deco 20 DampProof

Deco 20 DampProof is a fully water-based alternative to bituminous products. It provides UV resistance and no color fading, and it’s exceptionally easy to apply on various materials, including block, pre-cast, poured concrete walls, ICF, and styrofoam. Combined with Deco Primer, it also functions on non-parged masonry walls. Deco 20 DampProof has been independently tested by SGS US Testing Co. and approved by the International Code Council (ICC) for below-grade foundation walls.


Deco 20 Clear

Specially formulated according to the damp proofing industry’s highest environmental standards, Deco 20 Clear Penetrating Concrete Sealer creates a breathable moisture barrier, reducing water vapor transmission. Deco 20 Clear is the only approved sealer for damp proofing by the International Code Council (ICC) for below-grade foundation damp proofing.


Deco Tie Patch

Made from a hybrid acrylic resin patching material, Deco Tie Patch fills all holes and recesses left after removing concrete from ties. With no petroleum distillates or mineral spirits, it’s a much safer alternative to previous tie patch formulas.


Learn More About the Best Foundation Coating & Waterproofing Products

Proudly developed and manufactured in the USA, Deco Products creates the most innovative and effective long-term solutions for waterproofing, damp proofing, and decorative concrete sealing needs. We lead the construction industry in advanced methods for preserving and protecting concrete, masonry, and other structural materials. Our cutting-edge materials are built to withstand the elements and make your job easier. 


For more information, don’t hesitate to contact Deco Products. We also provide free training services because our goal is to help you save time and money.

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