Foundation Sealer & foundation Waterproofing Membrane Products

Deco Products Concrete Sealers & Waterproof CoatingsEvery home needs a solid foundation. Why not protect it with the best?

Established in 1991 Deco Products, Inc. Has been the leader in the foundation waterproof/dampprooing industry. Our products are engineered specifically for the below grade foundation waterproofing industry and has been independently tested and approved by the International Code Council (I.C.C.). Because we are geared directly to this industry our Chemical Engineers took great detail in each required ASTM when developing these products. Unlike Tar and Asphalt, a by-product of the oil industry our products can be applied above grade and exposed to UVrays. This eliminates grade line problems and gives you a true 100% foundation seal.

Some Benefits

  • Meets/exceeds required ASTM’s


  • No jobsite contamination


  • ICC approved


  • No scheduling conflicts


  • Extended warranties available

  • Non hazardous


  • Independently verified


  • Excellent adhesion to concrete


  • Unaffected by Ultra Violet Rays


  • Seamless coating