Super StripaCast is a environmentally friendly stripper designed to remove old coatings from concrete paver surfaces. Super StripaCast like all other strippers will react differently to different materials and coatings. For this reason, always do a small test area to ensure desired results. A scrape test is also a good way to determine if the Super StripaCast is degrading the old product

For approved applicators. New & existing construction: Apply Super StripaCast with a hand pump sprayer or roller to assist in removing old degrading sealers from porous concrete surfaces. Power-wash after material has cured to a white haze. Repeat if necessary.


 Can be sprayed with a pump sprayer  Contains no Chlorinated Solvents like other products
 Can be used as a cleaner as well as a stripper  Can be used on sandstone materials
 Will remove various acrylic coatings  No rollers or brushes required to apply
 Can be applied in cold and hot temperatures  Non slick Non toxic- Non hazardous- Non flammable
Deco product StripaCast Paver Stripper
Deco floor super stripper
Stripa Cast Paver Stripper