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Deco Products, Inc. manufactures quality waterproofing sealers and decorative sealers for professional applicators all over the USA.

All products are manufactured in our Denver, CO facility, proudly made in the USA.

Our goal is to provide our applicators with quality products and FREE training so that as our partners you can save time, make money, and deliver superior results to homeowners all over the country.

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New Construction

foundation of concrete structure in construction

Our full line of Concrete Waterproof / Dampproof coatings has been trusted by builders and architects for over 28 years. With emphasis on quality and years of experience in the basement foundation industry our chemical engineers designed products specifically for use on basement walls.

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With our ICC Approved materials, you can trust your new concrete basement, retaining wall or structure will be protected. Unlike Asphalt based materials (by-products of the oil industry) Deco Products and our chemists developed non-hazardous products to protect and preserve concrete foundations and walls.

Decorative Sealers / Coatings

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Our line of decorative sealers and strippers have been a huge success with homeowners. Continuing with quality in mind we have invented a line of Penetrating and Topical sealers that are easy to use and are sure to please your customers. What ever your desire we have a product for you!

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Decorative Concrete - Before
Decorative Concrete - After

Deco Products decorative sealers protect the integrity of your concrete driveway, patio, sidewalk pavers, or concrete roof tiles. Our extensive line of USA manufactured decorative sealers can revitalize your existing patio pavers while reducing the chance of mold and mildew regrowth.

Existing Construction

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Do you have an existing basement or crawlspace with moisture issues? Are you tired of that mildew smell coming from your basement? Our solvent free, non hazardous sealers can be applied on the inside of your basement or crawlspace, reducing damage associated from moisture.

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Existing Construction - Before
Existing Construction - After

If you have an existing foundation wall or crawlspace that needs moisture control, DECO has a solution for you. Because we use no solvents in the manufacturing process of our materials they are ideal for use in basements or crawlspaces. Find solutions for existing construction.

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Are you an experienced applicator or are you looking to get involved in a new career? Contact us to see how you can add more income to your business or become your own boss. Free training, resources and start up packages available through Deco Products “Certified Applicator” program.

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About Us

In 1991, DECO PRODUCTS, Inc. realized a need for environmentally friendly sealers and coatings for the concrete industry. Most products at the time were heavily solvent based, hazardous to the environment and dangerous to applicators. Along with our team of chemists, we developed our first product: DECO 20 Penetrating Concrete Sealer. The goal was to create a superior quality non-hazardous clear penetrating sealer. DECO 20 was rigorously tested by independent labs and approved by the International Code Council (ICC) as the only APPROVED clear sealer for use to dampproof basement foundations. Since then, Deco Products has developed numerous environmentally safe products for the betterment of concrete, brick and porous surfaces. We have a proven track record and have no intentions of slowing down! We are dedicated to maintaining being the leader in the industry when it comes to green coatings and sealers.


Deco Products is consistently striving to develop new products that are safe and effective, and that address various new issues that arise in the industry. We have stayed on top of technology and will continue to do so for the benefit of homeowners, applicators and the environment.


While others have followed our lead and try to imitate our method, Deco Products has always been and will always be the original pioneer in environment friendly water-based coatings. Because we are the original, our products remain superior and will continue to be superior to the competition. Try as they might, there is just no disputing over 25 years of experience and success.


We don’t sell a product and walk away. Our goal is 100% satisfaction! Our team works with our applicators to ensure quality installation for the customer/homeowner.

Industry Innovators for Over 30 Years

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Based on 15 reviews
Excel Pressure Washing
Excel Pressure Washing
April 7, 2022.
Deco Products makes the best decorative sealers on the market! We use there products daily to enhance and restore our customers paver and hardscape projects. Deco you guys are awesome!
October 11, 2021.
Richard Paul
Richard Paul
September 26, 2021.
5 star products and company
Clint Reynolds
Clint Reynolds
September 14, 2021.
Love the sealers! I have used their Paver, Travertine, and concrete Sealers for past 6 years. Great results. I get rave reviews from our clients as a professional contractor. Customer support is a pleasure. Great team. The owner is dedicated to Education/training. All about building relationships.
John Chatham
John Chatham
September 13, 2021.
Awesome company to work with. Fast shipping and reliable. Amazing sealers
Missy Ordiway
Missy Ordiway
September 13, 2021.
We used Deco 20 Clear on my concrete patio about 4 years ago because I was having run off from my gutters which was causing mold and this product was phenomenal, you could see the water bead right off afterwards and I never had mold there again. I ended up selling that house and painted the same patio for curb appeal and it covered so nicely without using a primer because of the Deco 20. The customer service and integrity from this company and all its representatives is phenomenal, they walked me through it all happily step by step. Thanks Team Deco!
Casey Tuliano
Casey Tuliano
September 12, 2021.
I love deco products. Worked with this product many times. Every customer was very satisfied with the outcome. Highly recommend this product to everyone I come a crossed. Customer service is even better.
John Forrester
John Forrester
December 8, 2017.
I used the paver sealer product on my driveway and it is a beautiful result. I had extra product left over and gave it to a friend. He said there were tire marks on his drive and I emailed Deco for help. In less than 1 hour a representative called and told us how to fix the problem. My friend just hadn't let the product dry enough. All was easily resolved. You just can't get service like that anymore.