Bio Blacktop

DECO BIO BLACKTOP SEALER is a proprietary blend of natural oils and co- polymers used as a safe and non- toxic alternative to asphalt and tar based materials. DECO BIO BLACKTOP SEALER is designed for sealing and conditioning asphalt substrates. DECO BIO BLACKTOP SEALER penetrates into the project softening and conditioning the asphalt while adding excellent protection from chemical and UV rays.

For approved applicators. New & existing construction: Clean all dirt and oils and fill any cracks or potholes prior to application. Apply DECO BIO BLACKTOP SEALER with an airless sprayer or for smaller jobs you can use a squeegee and brush. Spray or spread directly on to the asphalt driveway or parking lot until saturated working material in holes and crevices. Overlap edges to ensure even an coat. When applying a second coat always apply in opposite direction from the first coat. Allow 4- 6 hours before walking on and 24- 48 hours before driving


 Excellent adhesion  Chemical and UV resistant
 Conditions and seals dried out old asphalt  Environmentally friendly
 Dries fast, reduces scheduling problems  Cleans up with soap and water
 Long term dependability Cost effective
 Non- hazardous Non- toxic Non- flammable
Asphalt Sealer Bio-Blacktop
Asphalt Parking Lot Sealer Bio-Blacktop