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Moisture Control For Existing Construction

Existing Construction

Basement or Crawlspace leaking?

Tired of that damp musty smell in your basement? With our non hazardous line of products we make it possible to get your basement back!

Dirty, musty crawlspaces and basements can contribute to a home’s air quality.  When crawlspaces and basements are neglected, molds, fungus and other airborne allergens can be transferred into your living space.  This occurs through your HVAC system or pressure displacement.

Deco’s Controlled Crawlspace System remedies common crawlspace problems.  Instead of masking the problem, Deco solves it by resurfacing the space with moisture vapor sealed concrete.  Not only does this solve the moisture problem, but is also reduces or is able to eliminate insect infestation problems such as termites and spiders.


• Eliminates Water Vapor Transmission  Permanent Solution
 Improves Energy Efficiency  Creates Better Living Environment
 Creates Usable Space  Reduces or Eliminates Insects
 Non Hazardous Materials  Reduces or Eliminates Odors

Why Basements Commonly Have Water Problems

Basements and water problems are practically synonymous. From high water tables to heavy rains or snow melt can cause major problems in both basements and crawl spaces.  

A high water table or heavy rains and runoff from snowmelt can pool in the soil creating hydro-static pressure on the exterior of a foundation wall. When walls are not properly sealed this allows the water to follow the path of least resistance and into your basement. .

A properly sealed basement can prevent this from happening.

Porous Concrete Allows Water to Seep In

The vast majority of basements are made of concrete. Concrete is porous and will allow moisture to pass through. Although concrete is tough and durable it is susceptible to moisture intrusion and cracks. Water that seeps in from around your foundation eventually permeates the concrete, causing damp and moldy walls, musty smells and recurring water problems. 


With the high quality engineering of our products and because they are non hazardous, this makes Deco an excellent choice for interior basements or crawlspaces. Our clear sealers lock the pores of the concrete, preventing moisture from passing through. Are you thinking of finishing off your basement? Use our products as a preventative moisture block prior to construction. This will help keep the wall cavity clean and dry!

Purchase Crawlspace System Remedies from Deco Products, Inc.

Deco products manufactures all of their products out of Denver, CO but has suppliers and warehouses set up throughout the USA and Puerto Rico. To find the nearest place to purchase please call our home office at Toll Free 1-800-500-DECO (3326) 1-800-500-3326 or contact us today.

Solving Lingering Water Seepage Requires A Keen Identification of the Problems

A lingering basement water issue has multiple causes, which indicate an issue with the basement design that we can improve with professional intervention. An expert inspection of your basement or crawl space can allow you to identify why each basement shows specific lingering issues like flooding or mold. 


If there is too much moisture inside the basement, a dehumidifier may help solve the problem. If the walls leave condensation inside a taped waterproof cover, waterproofing may resolve the basement water issues by preventing further concrete seepage from nearby damp soil.


Types of Interior moisture proofing for Your Existing Basement

There are many ways for moisture to enter a basement. With a few minor adjustments to your home, you can sometimes solve the problem. 

Cracks or tie hole locations– Use a trusted epoxy crack injection material and apply a non-hazardous clear sealer to interior walls (Healthy Walls ™).

Moisture intrusion– Fix gutters and downspouts on the exterior of the home, and add dirt and rock to the exterior wall creating a higher slope for water to be displaced. Check to ensure the sump pump is working properly. Apply a non-hazardous clear sealer to interior walls (Healthy Walls ™).

Wicking/ Capillary action- heavy moisture at the bottom of the wall where the floor and wall meet and look to be crawling upwards is a sign that an interior drain system should be installed. This is the most intrusive and difficult to fix. The exterior waterproofing is working properly but the water is being forced under the home and pushed up from beneath the floor. Installing an interior drain system will relieve the pressure and displace the water by the drain sump pump or daylight drain. As with all fixes, you should apply a non-hazardous clear sealer to interior walls (Healthy Walls ™).  


When all else fails and the basement needs to be dug out and repaired from the exterior you should sandblast off as much of the inferior coating on the wall and install our Deco Foundation Wall Guard ™ . As an added protection we offer our Deco Tac which will work as an extra bonding agent to ensure the Foundation Wall Guard ™ will adhere to the substrate.


Exterior Waterproofing of a basement is one of the best ways to prevent long-term and lingering water issues. When a basement is made of concrete, waterproofing prevents moisture from the surrounding soil or periodic rains from seeping into the indoor space. 


Silicate-Based Concrete Sealers

Deco Products offers the ONLY ICC-approved clear sealer as a dampproof for below-grade foundations. This formula is incorporated in our Healthy Walls ™ for interior protection on basements with moisture issues.

Silicate-based concrete sealers may be a good choice if you have concrete basement walls that have not been painted or sealed. Silicate sealers first saturate the concrete at some depth, creating a chemical reaction with the concrete or brick. This chemical reaction results in a tough and moisture-proof surface, ensuring the wall is as protected as possible. 



The Best Basement Waterproofing Products

Deco Healthy Walls

Deco Healthy Walls ™ is a non-hazardous penetrating concrete sealer designed for interior basement repairs. Deco Healthy Walls ™ will stop moisture intrusion in basement concrete walls due to leaks and failures from improperly installed exterior waterproofing. 

Deco Healthy Walls is a permeating concrete foundation sealer best applied on new construction masonry. It goes deep into the concrete to prevent mold growth in the masonry block, allowing moisture vapor to leave while preventing exterior moisture from intruding into the block. Deco Healthy Walls works on masonry block, pre-cast, and poured interior concrete structures.


Deco Foundation Guard

Deco Foundation Guard ™ is designed to be installed over exterior failing waterproof coatings. Deco Foundation Guard ™ incorporates extra resins and solids to ensure the best adhesion and protection for leaky basements.  

Deco Foundation Guard is a heavy-duty concrete sealant that protects your foundation repairs. The guard can be applied with an airless sprayer or roller and brush to concrete foundations of any type or design. The foundation industry designs this sealant to ensure no further moisture reaches the damaged and repaired area. It can also be applied to damp surfaces.


Deco Tac

Sometimes it is impossible or impractical to remove all the layers of previous coatings before foundation repairs. Deco Tac is a primer adhesive designed to improve the bond of Deco Foundation Guard when the surface is not perfectly stripped. It can provide adhesion to steel, wood, concrete, and other membranes.


Learn More About the Best Basement Waterproofing Products

If you are looking for a high-performance source of basement concrete waterproofing products, Deco provides a complete, functional, and indoor-safe selection. Whether the basements you are repairing require interior coating or foundation protection, Deco Products have high-quality concrete sealants to repair wet basement and crawl space problems, concrete cracks, and structural issues. Contact us today for retailer & special contractor pricing for basement waterproofing sealer products.

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