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Moisture Remedies For Existing Construction

Existing Construction

Basement or Crawlspace leaking?

Tired of that damp musty smell in your basement? With our non hazardous line of products we make it possible to get your basement back!

Dirty, musty crawlspaces and basements can contribute to a home’s air quality.  When crawlspaces and basements are neglected, molds, fungus and other airborne allergens can be transferred into your living space.  This occurs through your HVAC system or pressure displacement.

Deco’s Controlled Crawlspace System remedies common crawlspace problems.  Instead of masking the problem, Deco solves it by resurfacing the space with moisture vapor sealed concrete.  Not only does this solve the moisture problem, but is also reduces or is able to eliminate insect infestation problems such as termites and spiders.


• Eliminates Water Vapor Transmission  Permanent Solution
 Improves Energy Efficiency  Creates Better Living Environment
 Creates Usable Space  Reduces or Eliminates Insects
 Non Hazardous Materials  Reduces or Eliminates Odors


With the high quality engineering of our products and because they are non hazardous, this makes Deco an excellent choice for interior basements or crawlspaces. Our clear sealers lock the pores of the concrete, preventing moisture from passing through. Are you thinking of finishing off your basement? Use our products as a preventative moisture block prior to construction. This will help keep the wall cavity clean and dry!

Purchase Crawlspace System Remedies from Deco Products, Inc.

Deco products manufactures all of their products out of Denver, CO but has suppliers and warehouses set up throughout the USA and Puerto Rico. To find the nearest place to purchase please call our home office at Toll Free 1-800-500-DECO (3326) 1-800-500-3326 or contact us today.

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