Salt Shield 303

Technical Information

DECO Salt Shield 303 is a clear water based silane/ siloxane emulsion designed to reduce water and moisture intrusion while protecting the concrete surface from chlorides and deicing salts. DECO Salt Shield 303 penetrates deep in to the substrate protecting the integrity of the concrete. DECO Salt Shield 303 will not change the skid or slip resistance of the concrete and is ideal for sidewalks, driveways, parking structures, bridges, roadways and marine docks.


  • Seals and Protects concrete surfaces
  • Protects against salts and deicers
  • Helps reduce spalling of the concrete
  • Dries Clear, No film or residue
  • Penetrates deep into the concrete
  • Reduces mildew growth
  • Reduces concrete dusting
  • Reduces freeze/ thaw damage
  • Non hazardous • Non toxic • Non flammable

Technical Info

Apply SALTSHIELD 303 with a garden sprayer, pneumatic canister or spot sprayer to surfaces to be sealed until saturated. Avoid drip, runs and puddling. It is always best to apply in the early hours of the day to avoid flash drying. If spraying in the mornings is not an option mist water to the surface to be treated to break the surface tension.

Recommended Equipment

Light Duty

Light/Medium Duty

Large Duty

Heavy Duty

Applicator instructions are available and should be understood prior to using any of our products. Please feel free to call and talk to one of our experts if you have any questions before using. It is recommended that a skilled applicator apply these products but not required.


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