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Deco Healthy Walls: Penetrating Concrete Sealer

A man spraying solution on wall behind pipes


 Easy to apply, easy cleanup  Air or airless sprayer applied
 Tested by SGS U. S. Testing  Only one application required
 DRIES CLEAR, non-yellowing, no odor  Non-Toxic – Non-Flammable
 Dries in 2 to 4 hours  Excellent for interior applications
 Can be applied to dry or damp walls  Can be painted or coated

Product Description

DECO Healthy Walls is a non-hazardous penetrating concrete sealer designed to condition interior foundation walls from the damaging effects of moisture intrusion. Healthy Walls locks deep within the pores of the concrete, preventing the chance of moisture penetrating to the interior. DECO Healthy Walls reduces the potential of mold growth on masonry block, pre-cast and poured interior concrete structures. DECO Healthy Walls produces a highly effective breathable moisture barrier by allowing water vapor to permeate out of the wall while preventing moisture from soaking into the wall. DECO Healthy Walls contains no mineral spirits or petroleum distillates.

New construction: Seals masonry, pre-cast and poured concrete structures from the potential growth of mold on cementitious substrates.

Existing structures: DECO Healthy Walls can be applied to most interior applications.

How to order

To purchase wholesale products from Deco Products, Inc. you will need to speak to our sales and distribution team. Call us now to get connected, and begin discussing price & order options.

Technical Info

Don't Cover Up the Problem,
Fix it with Deco Healthy Walls

Deco Healthy Walls is warranted as specified from date of Certificate of Occupancy.

How Dangerous is Mold?
Deco Healthy Walls can potentially provide protection against mold. Human exposure to moldy environments can cause adverse health issues. Many people are affected by mold. Symptoms can include eye irritation, sinus and throat irritation, coughing and/or wheezing, and sometimes skin irritation. People with mold allergies could have more severe reactions. People with chronic lung illnesses are subject to serious infections when they are exposed to mold.


Deco Healthy Walls Technical Data Sheet

Purchase Deco Healthy Walls | Deco Product, Inc.

Deco products, Inc. manufactures all of their products in Denver, CO but has suppliers and warehouses set up throughout the USA and in Puerto Rico. To find the nearest place to purchase please call our home office at Toll Free 1-800-500-DECO (3326) or contact us today.

Application Information

Recommended Equipment

Light Duty

Light/Medium Duty

Large Duty

Heavy Duty

Applicator instructions are available and should be understood prior to using any of our products. Please feel free to call and talk to one of our experts if you have any questions before using. It is recommended that a skilled applicator apply these products but not required.


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Timothy King
Timothy King
January 6, 2024.
Best sealers in the industry. Breck is a great guy that provides exceptional customer service. You can call anytime and he’ll always pick up the phone to answer any questions!
Stuart S
Stuart S
October 18, 2023.
I wanted to take the time to truly thank the people at Deco Products for helping me. I explained my situation and I was very grateful and happy to have been treated with respect and kindness with a quick and efficient solution in a timely manner. Many thanks Gentlemen, I greatly appreciate your help.
Reece Sleater
Reece Sleater
October 4, 2023.
Deco Products should be your go to sealer. Their sealers are easy to apply and produce great results. Aside from their sealers it is impossible to beat their customer service. If you need help on a job they are there to walk you through it in person. Breck is the man, he came out to the job site and walked me through the process.
Glenstone Power Wash
Glenstone Power Wash
August 11, 2023.
Great class
Skills Pressure washing LLC
Skills Pressure washing LLC
August 11, 2023.
Good product, good service 👍👍
Jeff Mansfield
Jeff Mansfield
April 5, 2023.
Deco products are amazing, the job turns out perfect every time! My product rep. Breck Tatum is a great guy and is alway available to offer his help and advise. Jeff M
March 10, 2023.
Awesome job as usual.Breck….. Very informative.