DECO Healthy Walls


DECO Healthy Walls is a non-hazardous penetrating concrete sealer designed to condition interior foundation walls from the damaging effects of moisture intrusion. Healthy Walls locks deep within the pores of the concrete, preventing the chance of moisture penetrating to the interior.  DECO Healthy Walls reduces the potential of mold growth on masonry block, pre-cast and poured interior concrete structures. DECO Healthy Walls produces a highly effective breathable moisture barrier by allowing water vapor to permeate out of the wall while preventing moisture from soaking into the wall.  DECO Healthy Walls contains no mineral spirits or petroleum distillates.

New construction: Seals masonry, pre-cast and poured concrete structures from the potential growth of mold on cementitious substrates.

Existing structures: DECO Healthy Walls can be applied to most interior applications.

DECO Healthy Walls is warranted as specified from date of Certificate of Occupancy.


 Easy to apply, easy cleanup  Air or airless sprayer applied
 Tested by SGS U. S. Testing  Only one application required
 DRIES CLEAR, non-yellowing, no odor  Non-Toxic – Non-Flammable
 Dries in 2 to 4 hours  Excellent for interior applications
 Can be applied to dry or damp walls  Can be painted or coated