DECO TravaCast is a single component, non hazardous, water-based coating designed to enhance and seal travertine tiles. DECO TravaCast adds excellent stain resistance with most products. Deco TravaCast can be used to seal and protect your new project or restore and revive your existing project.

For Approved Applicators. New & existing construction: Clean all oils and dirt from substrate prior to application. If previously sealed use Deco’s Super Stripper to remove previous product. Once project is clean and dry apply a thin coat of DECO TraverSeal directly to substrate with a hand pump sprayer or roller and brush. Allow 4- 6 hours before walking on and up to 24 hours to cure before replacing furniture. Only one coat is required. However, for a more vibrant appearance a second coat can be applied directly after the first coat has taken its initial set.


 Extra protection against most stains  Provides surface protection from possible damage
 Looks more vibrant  Excellent adhesion
 Helps reduce the chance of discoloration  Beautiful shine
 Dries quick  Outlasts most other industrial coatings
 Non- hazardous Non- toxic Non- flammable