SilaCast BES is an extremely low VOC, non hazardous polymer emulsion. SilaCast BES creates a wet look and revitalizes the colors in porous surfaces such as concrete pavers and tiles, natural and artificial stone, brick and wood. SilaCast BES has excellent water and chemical resistance protecting your decorative surfaces from harsh weather conditions.

For Approved Applicators. New & existing construction: SilaCast BES creates a water tight barrier while enhancing your substrates appearance. SilaCast BES will protect your new project or bring back the luster of an already installed job.


 Creates a “wet look” appearance  Enhances the appearance of the substrate
 Long term resistance to water blushing  Only one application required
 DRIES CLEAR, non-yellowing, no odor  Resistant to mildew growth
 UV protected  Scratch resistant
 Can be applied to dry or damp walls  Penetrates deep into the pores for a better seal job
 Non- toxic Non- hazardous Non- flammable  Excellent adhesion to bare pavers, concrete, stamped concrete, natural or artificial stone and clay roof tiles

SilaCast Roof Tile Sealer