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Best Basement Waterproofing Sealer

A well-designed basement can dramatically enhance your property’s overall function, but it’s also much more susceptible to water leaks. That’s why the highest-quality basement sealer is an important part of a leak-prevention strategy. As a specialist in total moisture control through advanced basement concrete sealer products, we’ll cover the most important aspects of an effective basement wall sealer built for professionals.

Read on to learn how to select the best basement waterproofing sealer, and keep your basement storage or living area leak free for years.

Why Your Basement Walls Are Leaking

Plumbing leaks and exterior water intrusion can both result in leaking basement walls. Being below ground level, porous concrete walls not treated with a basement concrete sealer can easily draw water into the interior structure, especially as damp proofing materials degrade.

Poor exterior water management, such as damaged gutters, can also contribute to excess water along your property’s foundation. Many foundations are backfilled with soil that, being less settled, creates a “clay bowl” effect. This moat-like ring around your foundation retains water and creates hydrostatic pressure, causing cracks to form throughout your basement walls.

Failing drains can further prevent proper basement water management, especially if footing drains become crushed or clogged as the structure settles. What’s needed is a basement concrete wall sealer specially formulated to eliminate water permanently. The best products waterproofing products have also been shown to improve energy efficiency, deter pests, and eliminate odors.

How Do Waterproofing Sealers Work?

A concrete basement wall sealer built especially for the structural repair industry works by sealing porous holes in concrete. These pores gradually enlarge as the calcium content of concrete naturally dissolves in water, which allows even more water to penetrate by the process of microscopic veining.

To reverse it, professionals need the most effective concrete sealer for basement walls. Our environmentally friendly DECO Healthy Walls basement sealer goes deep into concrete pores, stopping water from degrading more of your structure and preventing mold from taking root. DECO Healthy Walls is an ideal interior treatment to use in conjunction with DECO Foundation Guard, an advanced, non-hazardous resin used for concrete remedial repairs, full-scale re-excavations, and other foundation work.

Both types of basement concrete wall sealers can be applied with an air-powered or airless sprayer, and DECO Healthy Walls dries clear without yellowing or leaving behind odors. It can even be applied to damp walls, and typically after only 2–4 hours of dry time, a single application is ready for painting or coating. As waterproof basement sealers go, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Signs that Indicate the Need for Basement Sealing

A concrete sealer for basement walls is likely your best option whenever you encounter signs of:

  • Actual leaks or bulging along concrete walls
  • A humid, damp feeling in the basement
  • Musty smells that never go away
  • Signs of plumbing leaks
  • Mold & mildew
  • Concrete cracks
  • Backed up footing drains
  • Sinking fill dirt around your foundation

For the most serious leaks, you may need more than a basement wall sealer, such as vapor barriers and other means of countering the hydrostatic pressure and clay bowl effects described above. Yet our advanced concrete basement wall sealers have been independently tested by SGS US Testing and found to stop water leaks and seal non-structural cracks under a variety of conditions. DECO Healthy Walls and DECO Foundation Guard are thus essential components of any professional basement waterproofing needs.

Comprehensive Line of Basement Waterproofing Sealers

As a leading provider of moisture control solutions, Deco Products offers a full range of basement waterproofing sealers to meet the needs of contractors and professionals in the industry. Our line of sealer types includes:

Acrylic-based sealers: Ideal for interior and exterior walls, forming a protective coating resistant to UV rays, mildew, and stains.
Silane/siloxane sealers: Penetrating deep into concrete pores, offering long-lasting protection against water intrusion.
Polyurethane sealers: Providing a durable and flexible membrane that can withstand heavy traffic and extreme temperatures.
Epoxy sealers: Withstanding chemicals and abrasions, making them perfect for industrial settings or high-traffic areas.

At Deco Products, we understand the importance of selecting the right basement waterproofing sealer type for each project. Our high-quality sealer options are designed to provide long-lasting protection against water intrusion, keeping homes and businesses dry and comfortable for years to come.

Contact Deco Products for Long-Lasting Basement Waterproofing Solutions

For over 25 years, DECO Products‘ basement concrete sealers have helped professional structural repair companies protect their clients’ homes and businesses from the slow ravages of basement leaks. If you have any questions about our basement concrete wall sealers or to request a quote, contact us, and inform our experienced concrete sealing professionals of your basement sealing needs.