TMC 2000

Air Barrier System – TMC 2000


TMC 2000 is a fluid applied vapor  permeable/air barrier membrane.  It’s monolithic membrane is designed to be applied to above-grade exterior wall assemblies to prevent air and water infiltration, while remaining permeable to the passage of water vapor.  TMC 2000 monolithic system provides a prime less adhesion allowing the designer more flexibility in the placement of the air barrier system.


TMC 2000 provides a flexible infiltration barrier against air and moisture. It eliminates the penetrations that building paper and house wrap installation require.  TMC 2000 is 100% tight against the surface with NO SEAMS. Therefore it prevents moisture from forming on the sheathing. TMC 2000 air barrier system forms a seamless coating from the exterior into window and door openings. It is not affected by ultraviolet rays, and contains no aromatic hydrocarbon solvents or aliphatic petroleum naphthas.


A fluid applied alternative to common house wrap materials.  For OSB or plywood materials on new & existing construction. Use for both commercial and residential applications.


• Permanent bond to sheathing  Cost effective
 No nails or staples  Environment friendly
 Flexible membrane  Non-Toxic Non-Hazardous
 Seamless application  Easy to apply

Completely water-based  Suitable For OSB and Plywood  UV Resistant