Concrete Sealers and Foundation Waterproof Coatings

Deco Products Concrete Sealers home imageConcrete Sealers and Coatings – Good for the builder and good for the planet!

Since 1991, Deco Products has been developing and producing non hazardous concrete sealers and coatings for the residential foundation and commercial building industry. Our products are applicator-friendly. They are free from solvents and other chemicals that can contaminate your jobsite as well as the soil and ground water. We produce only top quality GREEN products for the building industry.

Moisture intrusion is the number one cause of degredation in concrete. Moisture creates a damp basement which can cause mold growth as well as other hazardous living conditions. Asphalt (tar base) coatings serve as a food source for mold. Deco concrete sealers are beneficial in mold prevention. Our products block moisture, and because they are water base, mold cannot sustain itself. Just another reason Deco is the smart choice when it comes to foundation waterproofing.

Damp basements also contribute to poor energy efficiency. By applying Deco concrete sealer to damp basements, energy costs can be significantly reduced.

Don’t be fooled by others claiming to be green. There is a DIFFERENCE between water-based and water-emulsified. Deco Products is the leader in NON-HAZARDOUS concrete coatings. Others claim to be environmentally friendly, but they are disguising their products behind wording that is unclear and misunderstood. ASPHALT = OIL (not water)

Deco concrete sealers are a safe and economical alternative to hazardous tar and asphalt coatings. These types of coatings can contaminate the surrounding soil and water. It’s no wonder Deco Products are preferred over any other concrete sealer products on the market. Go green! Go Deco!


RTD Fast Track in Denver, CO – Spec’d with DECO 20 Dampprof Coating